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Legal Counsel for Entrepreneurs 

Helping You Pursue Your Passion And Build Your Legacy.

The Entrepreneur's Attorney

We are entrepreneurs too. We understand your journey and are here to walk it with you.

Providing Meaningful Solutions to:


Founders many times have to be a jack of all trades, leaving legal matters on the backburner. Partnering with a business savvy attorney can not only protect you from crucial missteps but also increase your bottom line, slow your burn rate, and extend your runway. 

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

Partnering with an attorney with a deep understanding of business, real estate, and finance allows companies to ensure their legal planning aligns well with their strategic business objectives, minimizing risks and leveraging opportunities for sustainable growth. 


An attorney with an understanding of not only securities law, but also your industry and the overall financial market, gives investors an edge when making investing decisions. Competent and personable counsel will allow to maximize returns and avoid unknowingly tripping any securities regulations.


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Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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