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Introducing the Double - Startup Package, the perfect flat fee incorporation package for startups. This package includes 2 hours of strategy meetings, 3 customized agreements from our Standard Documents, a legal review of your pitch deck and business plan, a cap table, and a 5% discount on future fees for the next year. Our team of legal experts will work with you to ensure that your startup is fully compliant and protected. With the Double - Startup Package, you can focus on growing your business, while we take care of the legal details. Contact us today to get started.

The Double - Startup Package

$4,450.00 Regular Price
$3,950.00Sale Price
  • Two Hours of Strategy Meetings: The Double includes two comprehensive hours of strategy meetings conducted via phone, Zoom, live chat, or any other convenient platform. This allows us to understand your unique business goals and vision.

    Expert Guidance: Our experienced team of legal professionals will not only advise you on the most advantageous type of business entity and state of formation but also provide an additional hour of expert consultation, ensuring your startup is poised for success.

    Document Preparation and Filing: We continue to handle all document preparation and filing, covering both initial filings and any required post-formation state filings, ensuring full compliance.

    Foreign Qualification: If your startup plans to expand into a second state, you'll receive up to 2 foreign qualification filings, streamlining your path to growth.

    Startup Documents: "The Double" includes all the essential startup documents featured in "The Single," ensuring your legal foundation remains strong.

    Customized Agreements: In addition, you'll receive three customized agreements selected from our Standard Documents pack, tailored to address your startup's unique needs.

    Pitch Deck & Business Plan Legal Review: Our legal team will provide a comprehensive review of your pitch deck and business plan, offering valuable insights and suggestions to enhance your fundraising efforts.

    Cap Table: Receive a professionally prepared Cap Table that provides a clear overview of your company's equity structure, enhancing your understanding of ownership and investment dynamics.

    Future Discount: As a bonus, "The Double" includes a 5% discount on future fees for legal services provided by our team over the next year, allowing you to continue receiving expert guidance and support as your startup evolves.

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